Board of Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees meets every third Wednesday at 4pm in the library. For copies of the Agenda, please contact sonjaplummer -at-

Current Library Board of Trustees

Nicole Cote, Chairperson
npc -at-
Term until 12/31/2015

Richard Kimball, Treasurer
r.kimball -at-
Term from 03/09/2011 to 12/31/2016

Louise Hamlin, Secretary
louise.hamil -at-
Term from 03/09/2011 to 12/31/2016

 Allison Ladner
ladnera -at-
Term from 01/01/2012 to 12/31/2014

William Guerrette

term 12/31/2015

Brent Anderson

John Cancelarich
Term 12/31/14

Ex-officio, Pat Webb, Finance Director
pwebb -at-
Annual Appointment Term

Ex-officio, Sonja Plummer-Morgan, Librarian
sonjaplummer -at-
Annual Appointment Term

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